GRZ™ Self Adjusting Air Mattress Replacement System

Non-Powered Mattress Replacement System

Blue Chip Medical’s innovative GRZ™ self adjusting air mattress replacement system helps to provide proper pressure redistribution to reduce interface pressures by dynamically adjusting to body weight and movement. The GRZ™ is a non-powered mattress offering pressure redistribution through nine individual dynamic self-adjusting air bladders inside a high resiliency foam shell. GRZ™’s nine zones redistribute pressure where it is  needed most. GRZ™ can be modified into a bariatric mattress that supports patient weights up to 1000 lbs.Top Cover:
Vyvex I™ Low shear nylon, fluid proof top coverBottom Cover:
Chemsafe™ tri-laminate vinyl, fluid-proof,  anti-microbial, fire retardant.
GRZ mattress cut away
Nine individual dynamic self adjusting air mattress cells, automatically adjust to the patients weight and movement. Urethane/vinyl blend/reforming foam agent, air circulating bladders. Enclosed sleeve for secure positioning.
non-powered air mattress waterlock infection control systemTop Foam:
High density HR Topper, 2.2 lb., 27 IFD with heel section.
High Resiliency Foam, anti-microbial, fire retardant. 

Barrier Lok™ Infection Control System
Blue Chip’s exclusive Barrier Lok™ feature virtually seals and protects the inner foam core of the self adjusting air mattress by preventing the leaching of fluids from penetrating the perimeter seam of the mattress. The Barrier Lok™ ensures that infection control standards are maintained, thereby providing investment protection on all GRZ™ mattress systems.

Optional Pump:
Alternating air pressure pump
MODEL 3676
GRZ™ – Self Adjusting Air Mattress only
36″ x 76″ x 7″
48 lbs. packaged
Air Cells:
9 Self adjusting air cells
High resilience foam with Honeycomb SCT® and heel section
Top Cover:

Bottom Cover:
Vyvex I™ Low shear nylon, fluid proof, fire retardant top cover, Chemsafe™ tri-laminate vinyl. Fluid-proof, anti-microbial, fire retardant.
Model GRZ 3676
Mattress 36” x 76” x 7”   Supports weight to 550
Model GRZ 3680
Mattress 36” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 550
Model GRZ 3684
Mattress 36” x 84” x 7”   Supports weight to 550
Model GRZ 4280
Mattress 42” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 650
Model GRZ 4880
Mattress 48” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 1000
Model GRZ 5480
Mattress 54” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 1000
Model GRZ 6080
Mattress 60” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 1000
Model GRZ 4607
Optional Alternating Air Pressure Pump
Medicare Code EO277
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