Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion – Model 6400

Foam Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions

Blue Chip Bariatric wheelchair cushion offers maximum protection against the incidence of pressure sores for patient weights up to 1,000 lbs. Model 6400 allows for proper immersion and envelopment around the bony prominences as well as providing pressure redistribution. The bariatric wheelchair cushion offers supreme comfort and well as skin protection. Customized for patient weight.

Supports up to 1,000 lbs.

The Blue Chip bariatric wheelchair cushion is available in many stock sizes.

Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion Model 6400
MODEL 6400
Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion
Core Thickness Available in 3″& 4″
Top: Medium Density PPF™ Foam, Center: Medium Density PPF™ Foam, Base: High Density PPF™ Foam
Top Cover:
Medical Grade Vinyl
Bottom Cover:
Medical Grade Vinyl
Optional Cover:
Vyvex-III™  Four-Way stretch knit urethane, Low shear, fluid & stain proof, incontinent with non-skid bottom

Model 6400CC
20″ x 18″
Model 6400D
20″ x 20″
Model 6400CCFA
22″ x 18″
Model 6400CCDD
22″ x 20″
Model 6400CCVFA
24″ x 18″
Model 6400DD
24″ x 20″
Model 6400ED
26″ x 20″
Model 6400FD
28″ x 20″
Model 6400GD
30″ x 20″
Custom and bariatric sizes available. Please state patient’s weight when ordering
12 month limited