Viscotec™ – Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion Model 604

Therapeutic Pressure Redistribution Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Viscotec™ memory foam wheelchair cushion conforms to the patient’s body by surrounding bony prominences, reducing interface pressures. The Viscotec heat activated memory foam cushion self-adjusts to the seating surface to maximize comfort and pressure redistribution. The memory foam wheelchair cushion is covered using either a 4-way stretch-knit or Vyvex-III™ low shear, fluid-proof four-way stretch material. Vyvex-III™ and foam are fire-retardant and anti-microbial. Navy stretch-knit cover is shipped unless otherwise specified.

Supports 250 lbs.

The Viscotec memory foam cushion can be customized to create a bariatric memory foam wheelchair cushion.

Viscotec Visco elastic memory foam wheelchair cushion
Viscotec™ Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion
17″ x 17″ x 3″ – Optional Core Thickness Available in 2″& 4″
Viscotec Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion
Top Cover:
Stretch Knit Navy
Optional Cover:
Vyvex-III™ – Four-Way stretch knit urethane, Low shear, fluid & stain proof, incontinent
Model 604NA
16″ x 16″
Model 604
17″ x 17″
Model 604A
18″ x 16″
Model 604FA
20″ x 16″
Model 604VFA
22″ x 16″
Model 604VVFA
24″ x 16″
Model 604C
18″ x 18″
Model 604CC
20″ x 18″
Model 604CCFA
22″ x 18″
Model 604CCVFA
24″ x 18″
Model 604D
20″ x 20 “
Custom and bariatric sizes available. Please state patient’s weight when ordering
12 month limited