Rapid-Air™ Mattress Overlay System- Model 4300

The Rapid-Air™ Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay with Low Air Loss

The Rapid-Air™ Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay with Low Air Loss
incorporates the features that clinicians demand for their patients in a portable system. The mattress utilizes 18 independent 5.5″ deep air cells to reduce interface pressure for the prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure sore ulcers. User friendly controls and
ease of setup make Rapid-Air™ ideal for institutional use and the home bound patient. The mattress was designed to fit all standard hospital beds.Bladders:
Ventilated bladders include 20 lasered air holes in sacral area to help reduce skin maceration by reducing excess moisture under patient. Ventilated bladders assist in the prevention and treatment of Pressure Ulcers. Air cells are constructed of laminated medical grade nylon and TPU, thermal polyurethane fabrics. This combination insures strength, durability and patient comfort.
Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay Rapid-Air™ Mattress System- Model 4300

Vyvex-I™ nylon cover transfers moisture away from patients skin. The cover is low shear, washable, anti-microbial, fluid resistant and fire retardant. Cover is loose fitting and will conform to the patient.

CPR Valve quickly deflates mattress system for medical emergencies. A simple twist, releases the air immediately. This multi-purpose CPR Valve
can be used to inflate or deflate the mattress with our optional blower pump.
Vyvex-I® nylon coverPump:
Alternating Pressure mode offers the therapeutic benefit of alternating therapy and reactive hyperemia. This helps to reduce interface pressure well below 32mmHg.Control dial adjusts mattress from soft to firm for patient comfort.Normal Pressure Alert indicates that system is
operating correctly.Low Pressure Alert indicates that output needs to be increased for heavier patients or accidental disconnection of hoses.
Vyvex-I® nylon coverThe optional blower pump can inflate or deflate the mattress through the multi-purpose CPR valve in under four minutes. This reduces waiting time for therapeutic treatment to begin.
MODEL 4300
Rapid-Air™ – Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay with Low Air Loss only
35″ x 80″ x 5.5 “
20 lbs.
Air Cells:
18 – 5.5 ” sacs
15 Alternating cells
10 Ventilated cells with 20 lasered air holes
3 Static cells in head section
Mattress Cover:
Vyvex-1™ – Low shear, moisture/vapor permeable. Removable zippered cover,
is anti-microbial and meets California Technical
Bulletin #117 for fire-retardancy.
MODEL 4301
Rapid-Air™ – Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay with Low Air Loss Pump only
10L” x 5W” x 4.5H”
6.2 lbs.
120V 60 hz
UL 544 Medical Equipment
Cycle Time:
10 Minutes
Air Flow:
7.5 Liters per minute
Current Usage:
less than 100 micro amps
Ground Resistance:
0.1 ohms maximum
Power Cord:
12 ft. cord
ABS fire retartdant UL 94V-0
1 Year limited
1 year limited
6 months limited
Model 4300
Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay and Pump Control unit
Model 4300P
Pediatric Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay and Pump Control unit
Model 4300RAP
Mattress with Optional Foam Base and Pump Control unit
Model 4301
Pump Control Unit
Model 4320
Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay only
Model 4322
Carry Bag with Strap
Model 4323
Electric Inflator & Deflator
Model 4324
Replacement 5.5″ Ventilated Bladders
Model 4325
Replacement 5.5 ” Cell Bladders
Model 4326
Replacement Zippered Cover
Model 4327
Replacement Fitted Cover
Medicare Code EO277

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