Stat Air™ Air Mattress Overlay – Model 5300

Constructed using a pliable medical grade vinyl

Wound care professionals recognize static air as an acceptable therapy in the fight against pressure sores. The Stat-Air™ air mattress overlay is constructed using a pliable medical grade vinyl, that contours to the patient’s body. Heat build up and moisture are greatly reduced, due to the air holes throughout the mattress. Once filled, Stat-Air™ does not require an electric pump to maintain inflation. Adjustable anchor straps secure Stat-Air™ to an existing mattress, for patient safety. The mattress can be filled using a manual or electric inflater. Rapid deflation during medical emergencies is achieved through the quick release valve. The mattress is anti-microbial and fire retardant.Static Air Mattress Overlay, Stat Air®  - Model 5300
Optional Manual Inflator Model 5301Optional Electric Inflator Model 9623
Optional Manual Inflator - Model 5301Optional Electric Inflator, Model 9623
Model 5300
Stat Air™ Mattress 35″ W x 72″ L x 3.5″ H
Model 9623
Electric inflator
Model 5301
Manual inflator
Medicare Code EO197