Power Turn Elite™ Lateral Rotation Mattress System- Model 9800

Lateral Rotation Therapy with True Low Air Loss

The Power-Turn™ Elite Mattress System combines two clinically effective therapies (three clinically effective therapies when pulsation mode is added): Lateral Rotation and True Low Air Loss in a portable system. The mattress utilizes 18 independent 9″ deep air cells to provide proper pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure ulcers. Lateral Rotation Therapy reduces the risk of pulmonary complications for patients who are immobile. A Full, Left or Right Turn mode is offered with either a 25º Small Turn or a 40º Big Turn. The mattress replacement is designed to fit all standard hospital beds and includes a high density foam base, head bolster and abduction wedge for additional patient safety. The Power-Turn™ Elite Lateral Rotation Mattress System supports patients weighing from 650 lbs. to 1000 lbs. The Power-Turn™ Elite meets California Technical Bulletin #117 for fire retardancy. An optional fire barrier is available to meet the most stringent fire safety requirements when requested for foam base.Lateral Rotation and True Low Air Loss. The Power-Turn® Elite Model 9800

Ventilated low air loss cells have air holes throughout the mattress to help minimize skin maceration by reducing excess moisture under the patient. Air cells are constructed of TPU, thermal polyurethane material. This combination insures strength,durability and patient comfort.

Vyvex – III™ – Urethane coated, multi-stretch, moisture-resistant / vapor-permeable, low shear, quilted cover, transfers moisture away from the patient’s skin. The cover is washable, anti-microbial, fluid-resistant and fire-retardant.

Hose connections are color coded for easy connection.
CPR  To quickly deflate mattress disconnect both hose connections from pump. Air will immediately release from mattress.
The Power-Turn® Elite Pump Model 9801Blower Pump:
The blower pump is controlled by a micro-processor which allows the caregiver total control of comfort and chosen therapy. Cycle time ranges from 5 to 95 minutes. The blower pump inflates the mattress within minutes. This reduces the waiting time for therapeutic treatment to begin.Blower Options:
– Pulsating mode allows caregivers to provide pulsating low air loss therapy.
– Automatic 2 position fowler sensor detects patient positioning and automatically increases power as needed in the sacral area. 10% adjustment for a 30º incline. 5% additional adjustment for a 40º incline.
The Power-Turn® Elite Head Rest and Leg AbductorHead Rest and Leg Abductor:
Headrest and leg abductor wedge provide support during the turning cycles. Head support is constructed from Viscotec®, a viscoelastic foam. The leg abductor is constructed from PPF®, Pressurized Polymer Foam. Both are covered with Vyvex-III®.
MODEL 9800
Power-Turn Elite ™ – Lateral Rotation Therapy Mattress and Pump
36″ x 80″ x 9″
23 lbs.
Air Cells:
18 – 9 ” deep cells
Ventilated low air loss bladders with air holes throughout mattress.
Side Bolster :
10″ patented air side rail bolsters are built into mattress perimeter which supports the patient and insures safety during rotation cycles.
Mattress Cover:
Vyvex-III™ – Urethane coated, multi-stretch, low shear, moisture vapor permeable, quilted, removable, zippered cover, is anti-microbial and meets Cal. Tech. #117 for fire-retardancy.
Degree of Turn:
25º Small turn
40º Big turn
12 month limited
12 month limited
6 month limited
Model 9800
36″ x 80″ x 9″ , 650 lbs capacity
Model 9842
42″ x 80″ x 9″ , 800 lbs capacity
Model 9848
48″ x 80″ x 9″ , 1000 lbs capacity
Model 9800-AW
Abductor Wedge
Model 9800-HR
Head Rest
Model 9826
Replacement zippered cover
Model 9826-42
42″ Replacement zippered cover
Model 9826-48
48″ Replacement zippered cover
Custom and bariatric sizes available. Please state patient’s weight when ordering
Use of side rails is recommended for patient safety.
Medicare Code E0277
Power Turn™ Elite meets Group 2 Support Surface requirements for Medicare EO277. Patient must meet all medical criteria to qualify for reimbursement.
MODEL 9801
Power-Turn Elite ™ Lateral Rotation Therapy- Pump only
17″L x 7″W x 10.5″H
12 lbs.
120V 60 hz
UL® 544 Medical Equipment
Cycle Time:
5 – 95 Minutes
Air Flow:
Over 1800 Liters per minute
Ground Resistance:
0.1 ohms maximum
Power Cord:
12 ft. cord with hospital grade plug
Modes of Operation :
Auto full turn
Left turn
Right turn

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