Pressure Mapping System for Mattresses

Blue Chip MeasureX Mattress Pressure Mapping Systems
Mattress pressure mapping systems enable doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to view the pressure between a patient’s body and their mattress: Alternating Pressure Mattress, Foam Mattress, Gel Mattress & Mattress Overlays. Blue Chip MeasureX Mattress Pressure Mapping Systems is a fast and accurate tool to help prevent pressure ulcers.

Mattress Sensors

Mattress Sensor is the perfect solution for patient monitoring and pressure ulcer prevention in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

  • Prevent costly pressure sores
  • Easy to Use
  • Monitor patient comfort and safety
  • Diagnose pressure related issues before they become a problem
  • Use evidence-based data for reporting & treatment
  • Improve communication with patients through pictures and visuals
  • Store and export patient information for review
  • Wireless version available
  • All pressure mapping solutions are manufactured in the USA

Using our Mattress Sensor and MeasureX pressure mapping software, you will encourage your patients to make selections based on their health and not solely on cost. When presenting information from your fitting sessions, you are presenting an unbiased decision which your patients can trust.


Blue Chip MeasureX Mattress Pressure Mapping Systems are manufactured in the USA. They are extremely durable to withstand the rigors of multi-patient use.


mattress pressure mapping sensor


SIZE: 82″ x 32.5″ x .02″
SENSING AREA: 32″ x 80″
RESOLUTION: 32×32 (STD), 32×64 (HD)
TOTAL SENSOR: 1024 (STD), 2048 (HD)


Mattress sensors are available in standard and high definition.

A wireless option is available.

Blue Chip MeasureX Seating and Positioning Pressure mapping systems available.

MeasureX is a powerful software designed to provide 2D and 3D pressure maps along with average pressures graphs and informative histograms.
  • Compatible with all SensorEdge sensors
  • Easy to use interface
  • 2D and 3D views
  • Record & save sessions
  • Center of gravity tracker
  • Adjustable color gradients
  • Average pressure graphs 
  • Customize how data is displayed
  • Area masking for localized statistics
  • Exportable to video (.avi file)
  • Exportable data to Excel
  • Video recording capability
  • Available SDK 
 measure x pressure mapping software