Mattress Cleaning and Infection Control

The top cover and bottom cover should be cleaned with soapy water prior to using standard cleaning solutions.

All cleaning solutions must be properly diluted according to the manufacturers instructions. Please follow standard institutional wipe down and infection control procedures.

All mattress covers can be cleaned by:

  • Quaternary Wipe down (Properly Diluted)
  • Phenolic Wipe down (Properly Diluted)
  • 8-10% Bleach/Water Wipe down (Properly Diluted)

Using only these types of solutions will not cause fabric breakdown or loss of waterproofing.

Other Suggested Cleaning Guidelines

Mattresses should be cleaned regularly, after each patient use.

All staff members should wear appropriate protective clothing when cleaning mattresses.

Laundering of the mattress cover is not recommended. Do not autoclave.

An organic cleaner or soapy water should be used to clean fabric prior to infection control procedures. This will be effective on most stains including blood, urine, and perspiration.

Iodophor type disinfectants (i.e. Betadine, etc.) are not recommended and will stain fabrics.

The zippered foot end must not be opened during cleaning and infection control procedures, nor should it be opened during use.