GRZ™ Self Adjusting Air Mattress System

Non-Powered Mattress Replacement System

Blue Chip Medical’s innovative GRZ™ self-adjusting air mattress replacement system helps to provide proper pressure redistribution to reduce interface pressures by dynamically adjusting to body weight and movement. The GRZ™ is a non-powered mattress offering pressure redistribution through nine individual dynamic self-adjusting air bladders inside a high resiliency foam shell. GRZ™’s nine zones redistribute pressure where it is needed most. GRZ™ can be modified into a bariatric mattress that supports patient weights up to 1000 lbs.
Shown with open cover

Top Cover:
Vyvex II™ Low shear nylon butyl backed, fluid proof top cover

Bottom Cover:
Chemsafe™ tri-laminate, fluid-proof,  anti-microbial, fire retardant.


Shown with Optional Gel Flex™ Channel top foam. Gel-Flex™ Channel, is a semi-solid flexible, blue gel, filling the channels between the foam “springs”. This combination provide excellent comfort while providing superior support. Gel-Flex™ Channel is perfect for heavier or bariatric patients.

GRZ mattress cut away
Shown with optional Gel-Flex™ Channel

Skin Protection Heel Section:
The GRZ™ features a special pressure redistribution heel section constructed of HeelWrap foam. HeelWrap features Sphere “springs” to help protect heels from skin breakdown.
Optional sloped heel section available.




Nine individual dynamic self-adjusting air mattress cells, automatically adjust to the patient’s weight and movement. Urethane/vinyl blend/reforming foam agent, air circulating bladders. Enclosed sleeve for secure positioning.



non-powered air mattress waterlock infection control system Top Foam:
High-density HR Topper, 2.2 lb., 27 IFD with heel section.
High Resiliency Foam, anti-microbial, fire retardant.Barrier Lok™ Infection Control System
Blue Chip’s exclusive Barrier Lok™ feature virtually seals and protects the inner foam core of the self-adjusting air mattress by preventing the leaching of fluids from penetrating the perimeter seam of the mattress. The Barrier Lok™ ensures that infection control standards are maintained, thereby providing investment protection on all GRZ™ mattress systems.

Optional Top Foam:
Gel-Flex™ Channel provides additional
comfort and support for bariatric

*Note: To order add “GFC” to item number

Optional SRS:
SRS Side Rail Safety System provides
patient safety while meeting entrapment standards
GRZ side rail safety system
MODEL 3676
GRZ™ – Self Adjusting Air Mattress only
36″ x 76″ x 7″
48 lbs. packaged
Air Cells:
9 Self-adjusting air cells
High resilience foam with Honeycomb SCT® and heel section
Top Cover:
Bottom Cover:
Vyvex II™ Nylon Butyl backed, fluid proof, fire retardant top cover, Chemsafe™ tri-laminate. Fluid-proof, anti-microbial, fire retardant.
Model GRZ 3676
Mattress 36” x 76” x 7”   Supports weight to 550
Model GRZ 3680
Mattress 36” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 550
Model GRZ 3684
Mattress 36” x 84” x 7”   Supports weight to 550
Model GRZ 4280
Mattress 42” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 650
Model GRZ 4880
Mattress 48” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 1000
Model GRZ 5480
Mattress 54” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 1000
Model GRZ 6080
Mattress 60” x 80” x 7”   Supports weight to 1000
Mattress With Side Rail Safety System
Mattress With Optional Pump & Side Rail Safety System
Medicare Code EO277

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