Replacement Gel Stretcher Pads and Operating Room Mattresses Gel-Pro™ & Viscotec™

All replacement gel stretcher pads and operating room mattresses are designed to meet the heavy-duty requirements necessary for institutional use. The tri-zone core is a combination of a pressure redistribution Viscotec™ Visco Elastic Foam top layer covering a viscous gel bladder and a supportive high density polyurethane foam base. The Gel-Pro™ Replacement Gel Stretcher Pads and operating room mattresses adhere to California technical bulletin #117 for fire retandancy. A selection of foams and materials are available to meet more stringent fire standards such as California technical bulletin #121, 129, 603 and 1X-11 Boston fire code. Your choice of square, rounded or cut corners are available.The ER stretcher pads and OR mattresses are manufactured in a variety of cover fabrics: the conductive material is a UL registered fabric approved by the underwriters laboratories. The non-conductive is a durable bonded vinyl leatherette. Waterfall flaps cover zippers for added protection against infiltration of fluids. Both materials are anti-microbial, non-allergenic and adhere to California technical bulletin #117 for fire retardancy.We offer pressure redistribution mattresses in all styles with
and without gel.Optional features include: velcro or fabric hinges, IV or GU
cut-outs, velcro strips and velcro retaining strapsWe manufacture all mattresses to fit the following; Shampaine®, Midmark®,Stryker®, Hill Rom®,
Amsco®, Haustead®, Skytron® and more!
Replacement gel stretcher pads and operating room mattress
2 piece replacement gel stretcher pads with memory foam
3 section gel operating room mattresses with memory foam
Cut-Off Square Round
Model 5001VG
1 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 1″
Model 5002VG
1 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 2″
Model 5003VG
1 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 3″
Model 5004VG
1 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 4″
Model 5021VG
2 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 1″
Model 5022VG
2 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 2″
Model 5023VG
2 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 3″
Model 5024VG
2 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 4″
Model 5031VG
3 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 1″
Model 5032VG
3 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 2″
Model 5033VG
3 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 3″
Model 5034VG
3 Section Stretcher/OR Mattress 4″

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