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ATM-AirPod® – One of the Most Durable, Versatile and Technically Advanced Patient Air Lateral Transfer & Repositioning System In the World.

Lateral patient transfer and repositioning is a rigorous and potentially injurious process to care-givers and patients. Air-Pod® offers safe patient handling and transfers as well as to help prevent workplace injuries for care givers.

The ATM-Airpod® is engineered to withstand multiple uses under the most difficult transfers for the widest variety of patient profiles.

Our patented technology automatically profiles and self-adjusts to the individual patient. This provides a balanced redistribution of the patient’s body weight for the safest and easiest patient transfer.

Multi Patient Use
And Single Patient Use
Models Available.
  • ATM-AirPod® Multi Patient Use
  • HF Welding for Excellent Durability
  • Self Regulating and Self Adjusting
  • Superior Hygiene and Infection Control
  • Advanced Pressure Redistribution
  • Anti Static & MRI Translucent
  • Compatible with Existing Systems


air pod ease of transfer prevent workplace injuriesLateral Transfers
air pod patient repositioningRepositioning
air pod safe patient transfers suitable for OR useOR Transfers

ATM-AirPod® Patented Technology
A series of 34 “AirPods” work together to automatically profile and self-adjust to the individual patient. The effect of the intra-communication between the Airpods, evenly redistributes the pull/push forces for a sale, easy transfer.

air pod lateral transfer system advanced air assist technologyPatented AirPod® Technology

While other lateral transfer systems are either Heat Sealed or sewn,The multi-use ATM-AirPods® is the only Lateral Transfer Mattress that is 100% HF Welded. This makes the ATM-Airpod® an extreme durable Lateral Patient Transfer System. Our permanent precision bonding prevents air leakage and ingress of fluids. Reinforced straps, handles, covers and closures ensures ATM- AirPod’s reliability, safety and performance for multiple uses.

air pod RF welded for extreme durabilityDurable HF Welds with Reinforcements

Superior Hygiene & Infection Control
The HF Welding and the construction and design of the ATM-Airpod® prevents ingress of fluids. Each AirPod contains and maintains its own micro environment. The ATM-AirPod® is made from materials that are machine washable in institutional laundries and compatible for use with almost all known disinfecting wipes and solutions.

air pod lateral transfer system meets infection control standardsSuper Hygiene & Infection Control

Excellent Pressure Redistribution
ATM- AirPod® can be left under the patient. Pressure mapping illustrates That ATM-AirPod® has excellent pressure redistribution qualities for superior patient comfort and prevention of pressure ulcers.

air pod excellent pressure redistribution for safe patient handlingExcellent Pressure Redistribution

Multiple Patient Use AirPod®

  • The most technically advanced air assisted patient lateral transfer & repositioning system
  • 100% compatible with other manufactures Lateral Transfer Air Blowers
  • Only Self Regulating & Self Adjusting Mattress
  • Safe working load of 1,100 lbs.
  • The Only 100% HF Welded Air Lateral Transfer Device
  • Double sealed patient safety straps, strap edges & tabs
  • Extremely strong, durable and reliable
  • Machine washable in institutional laundries
  • For use with common hospital disinfecting wipes
  • Can be left under patient
  • Anti-static for use in OR
  • Waterproof & Stain Resistant
  • Compatible for use with X Ray and MRI Imaging Equipment
air pod multi patient use lateral transfer mattressMulti Patient Use Pad

Single Patient Use AirPod®

  • Disposable
  • Single Patient Use
  • Safe working load of 1,100 lbs.
  • Anti-static for use in OR
  • Durable Construction
  • Patient safety straps & handles
  • Compatible for use with X Ray and MRI Imaging Equipment
  • 100% compatible with all other Lateral Transfer Air Blowers
air pod single patient transfer padSingle Patient Use Pad

Variables Power Air Blower

  • 100% Variable Power Output
  • All Steel construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Quiet
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Mounts to Wall with Optional Brackets
  • Wheel Trolley make unit easy to maneuver
  • Air Blower offers truly variable power output to adjust to patient profile
  • 100% Compatible with other manufactures Lateral Transfer Mattresses
air pod variable power blower


air pod multi patient use pad air pod single patient use pad air pod variable blower
Safe Working Load: 1,100 lbs
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Construction: Nylon Coated with Polyurethane(PU)
Standard: APD-MPUS 41″W x 83″L Deflated. 34″W x 76”L x 7.5″H Inflated
Bariatric: APD-MPUBAR 50″ W x 83”L Deflated. 45’W x 78”L x 7.5″‘H Inflated
Standard: APD-SPUS 39″ W x 78″L Deflated, 35″W x 74”L x 7.5″H Inflated
Bariatric: APD-SPUBAR 50″W x 78”L Deflated, 45″W x 74“L x 7.5″H Inflated
Weight: 21 Lbs
Variable Output: 0 – 2400W
Listings: UL 60601-1 Complaint with CSA & CE
Hose: 10 ft 1.5” diameter heavy duty
Current Usage: 120V~60Hz, 12A
Power Cord: 12 ft Heavy Duty 12/3 SJTW
ATM-AirPod® Multi 1 year limited
Blower 1 year limited

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