Patient Safety

Air Pod

Lateral patient transfer and repositioning is a rigorous and potentially injurious process to care-givers and patients.

Equipment Bags

Protect your equipment by keeping them dust free after cleaning. Ideal for complying with accreditation.

EZ Turn

Turning is essential for patient care, pressure redistribution and to help reduce pressure injury.

Fall Prevention

Fire-retardant high-compression PPF™ polyurethane foam, covered in anti microbial vinyl.

Hospital Pillow

All pillows are manufactured using a “hypo-allergenic” high lofted fire-retardant fiberfill.

Mattress Extender

This versatile device is used to extend a mattress for the needs of a larger patient.

SRS-EZ Mattress Replacement Cover with Raised Safety Side Rail

Improves patient safety of any foam, innerspring or powered mattress system


When safety and reliability for your patients is your main concern, our patient lift slings are up to the task.

No Gap Guard

Protect your patients from accidental slippage through any gaps between the mattress and side rail.

Side Rails & Bumpers

Patients are protected from accidental injury due to banging or slipping through a bed rail.

Wedge Guard

The Wedge Guard doubles as a side rail gap protector in addition to being a patient positioner.

New Products

Tradewind ATS-RC with Remote ControlAir Pod Lateral Transfer SystemsSrs-ez mattress replacement cover with safety Side rail

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